Metaphors to live by

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13181528_lUsing metaphors in communication, whether this be face to face or broadcast, is a powerful way to ensure rapid and effective delivery of your messages.  It is rather like navigating a journey in a ship using the latest radar and satellite navigation and high horsepower engines compared to setting sail in an old schooner.

Metaphor is essentially where one thing is expressed in terms of another, whereby this bringing together throws new light on the character of what is being described. Metaphor implies comparison. Rather like the comparison that I have just used in the previous paragraph.

The meaning of the story or metaphor is often not in the specific events that make up its content but rather in the underlying patterns or principles it conveys.  Thus the content of metaphors are frequently symbolic rather than literal.  Because of this stories and storytelling is often a more effective tool for stimulating and supporting change.

Telling a story through metaphor is a way of distracting the conscious mind whilst activating the unconscious mind to search for meaning, relationships, patterns, similarities (with self and ongoing experiences) and resources.  Therefore communicating with metaphor is an excellent way of offering new concepts, ideas and behaviours, freeing hidden resources and facilitating change.