Media Relations Tips for a Creative Business

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When creative business owners draw up a marketing plan, they usually include a social media and blogging strategy – but they often forget about Public Relations.

PR plays a huge role in the marketing mix because it is a powerful strategy for building trust and influence with your audience – especially if you want to expand your reach and attract more customers. The story you want to get across needs to be told to journalists and bloggers who you believe are likely to write about your business on outlets that your audience reads.

So as you start thinking about how you create more of a buzz for your organisation, here are some top tips when pitching stories:

• Think about your audience – Before you start pitching your story to the media, you need to know who you are trying to target with your news. As you craft your pitch, think about how your story will influence your audience and establish trust. Once you have identified your audience, it will be easier to figure out the outlets that they read the most.youareinthenews

• Engage with bloggers and journalists – Don’t just simply blast bloggers and journalists with your press release. Start building a relationship with specific writer’s who would be interested in sharing the story. The best way to engage is to start reading and commenting on their content through social media platforms (but make sure your comments are always positive and constructive). The more you interact, the greater top-of-mind awareness you will create for your brand. Always remember that journalists are human beings who will relate to you more if you have had some kind of personal contact with them. It could be an e-mail, it could be a phone call, it could be a meeting, but you can rest assured that when you contact them a second time they are far more likely to remember you, listen to what you have to say and be interested in the material you want to offer them.

• Pin-point the story you are trying to tell – Without a compelling story, you won’t be able to grab the attention you want. As you prepare a press release, identify what makes your story so special and how it will impact the audience. You also need to think about what makes the story ‘human’ and how it relates to your audience’s journey.

We’d love to hear from you about the way you build relationships with the media.

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