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We design and deploy informed content marketing and digital PR strategies that get you leads, awareness, engagement and search rankings.

Our strategies are driven by your goals.

We align our talents to implement strategies that will achieve your objectives:

Content Marketing

We mingle with your audience in clever and cost effective ways – to develop content that engages conversation that get conversions.

Digital PR

Our reputation with journalists ranks among the best in the industry. We have the capacity to get your stories in front of hundreds of thousands. The credibility of getting published and the backlinks generated will boost your reputation and your search rankings.

Lead Generation

Our experience will help you minimise the cost of lead generation. We combine expertise in direct marketing, social selling, psychology and analytical skills with the technical know-how – from apps to APIs – that automate your lead generation from the conversations created through content marketing. 

Our work speaks for itself

See how we leverage content to help get you more results for less cost.

12 month digital PR and content marketing

  • Nearly 100 pieces of coverage in print, online magazines and newspapers with half a million reach

  • A mix of social media activity and campaigns, creating 3,000 engagements and 262,000 impressions – an average of 10% engagement level (at least 300% higher than average)

  • Between 82% and 100% increase in social media followers

  • Search rankings – 3rd on Google’s first page for local search, 4th on Google’s first page

5 month PR and content marketing case study

  • Mix of evergreen and time specific content resulted in over 100 brand mentions from 58 key trade and industry publications across 5 specific campaigns and over 2.8 million opportunities to see in the likes of the Liverpool Echo, KLFM, Made in Liverpool TV, BBC Radio Merseyside and MSN

  • Over 15,000 views of 6 videos

  • Press event attracting the Mayor of Liverpool and TV and radio coverage

  • Nearly 300,000 reach and over 6,500 engagements on social media

LinkedIn lead generation campaign for recruitment drive – 8 days

  • Cost per click (CPC) of £1.11 achieved 52 quality applications, 758 views, a CPC of £0.63 for a cost of £9 per application.

  • 5,263 impressions, 183 clicks, 39 engagements, 21 leads (form completed with email) giving an overall cost per lead of £3.98
  • The increase in reach was at least seven-fold plus the campaign more than tripled engagement rates and generated a 6% increase in new followers.

Business Leaders recommend us

Successful industry professionals speak highly of our approach and how it has brought them success

“Changeworks is my sigh of relief. It’s rare to find an agency you can trust to create high-quality content while staying focused on your unique business and achieving the desired results on smaller budgets. Changeworks has been a consistently great partner over the years. Their work is intelligent, focused, and creative and has delivered fabulous reach for our campaigns, getting us top editorial placements that simply couldn’t be achieved with traditional efforts alone.”

Jon Bailey, Managing Director at Hoppecke Industrial Batteries

“Sue is excellent at encouraging the team to think differently. Sue creates innovative, straightforward and cost effective solutions that have a huge return on investment. Taking time to understand the business and very active in coming up with new ideas to promote the brand, products and solutions. I would definitely use Sue and her team again in the future.”

Jason Howlett, Managing Director UK & Ireland at Xylem Inc

“Sue has established herself as a great Public Relations and Social Media expert with customers that are blue chip and also small SMEs like Howards, who Sue and her team also look after. If you look at our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and website you will see the quality and quantity of material on these sites. Accountants generally, are not Marketers or Public Relations experts. Thank goodness we have Changeworks. Highly recommended and worth a call if you lack in this area. You'll be surprised with their passion and emotion in completing works for your business. This is their USP in my opinion. Great service. Great team. Great company.”

Matt Bailey, Managing Director at Howards Chartered Accountants

“Sue has a fantastic ability to listen and direct information, offering fresh feedback to ensure maximum efficiency in her customer support. We value her company’s support on a regular basis. Thanks team.”

Martin Bishop, business owner Panache Coatings Ltd

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