Great marketing content is shareable


Content marketing has become something of a buzz word – well OK, two words – where the aim is to develop well-written, eye-catching content that is valuable to our target audiences.

But, the key point, which was well-made in a recent article by Matthew Toren, co-founder of, is that great content is all about material that is not only interesting, relevant, educational, eye-catching or important, but also shareable.


One way to tsocialell your story is through infographics.  The presentation of information in a visually appealing format so that it is easily digestible, infographics are growing in popularity.  If you want to use them, it’s important to incorporate and detail valid and credible research sources.

Make sure that the graphics, style and tone are consistent with those key audiences will associate with your brand.

Don’t forget to include brand references, logo and website to help merchandise your role in creating in the infographic.


We’ve talked about the value of video before, yet Matthew Toren argues that many entrepreneurs are not yet utilising video as part of their content marketing and conversion strategy.

Don’t just post videos to YouTube, make an impact with footage on your website and in newsletters.

Before you start, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.  In terms of production, especially if you’re filming to a tight budget, make sound and lighting your key considerations.  Aim for the very best in lighting – a dark interior or direct bright sunlight will spoil the effect – and make sure the sound is crisp and clear, because background noise is an unwelcome distraction.  On-screen graphics give the video a professional feel.

White Papers

In B2B marketing White Papers are an effective way of positioning your business, but must tackle issues that are relevant to your audience without focussing on your own expertise.  Remember, your aim is to educate or help them understand an issue, solve a problem or come to a conclusion.   Look to highlight market trends or take a stance on industry developments and then make the case using well-researched data.

Make sure your white paper is a quality document, professionally designed and properly branded.   If you’d like to know more, call us on 01785 247588 to have a chat about how to create great marketing content.