How To Deliver A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

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Do you want to raise the profile of your company in a short space of time? If so, you should consider email marketing. It is one of the most impressive tools offering many advantages, especially when compared to other marketing channels.

18350350_lOne of the biggest advantages of email marketing is that it is cost effective; it allows users to reach a wide range of audiences in an affordable way. It gives you the opportunity to expose your products and consequently raise awareness of them and your company.

Of course, email marketing is not just about sending out a bunch of words. By adding an appealing design and clever content to your e-shot – you will automatically add value to the message your business is putting across.

And if your message is suitably targeted with a tempting call-to-action, which links to your site, you may notice an increase in sales (a call-to-action is merely a means of telling people how to get in touch with you after they have read your message).

It is important that after the completion of every email marketing campaign that you do, you are able to measure the results of each campaign separately and see which one performed best. There are many platforms available that allow you to track the open rate of every e-short as well as the click rate and if you connect every campaign with Google Analytics you can give yourself a much more comprehensive analysis of the consumer’s behaviour.

Here are our top tips for a successful email marketing campaign:

Catchy subject line – The title of your e-shot needs to be interesting enough to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to read the email. The subject line needs to be straight-forward and express the message of the newsletter in a few words.

Embedded URLs – Another aspect that you should consider is the addition of web links in your email because they will increase your chances to lead your audience to your products and services.

Segmentation of data – Before sending out your e-shot you should look at segmenting your contact list based on specific criteria such as language and separate your target groups accordingly. This make for a much more targeted campaign which is more likely to deliver positive results.

Reach out – Most of the email marketing platforms available are capable of reaching out to mobile users, which is important because mobile usage has changed customer interaction. Many surveys have shown that 65% of emails are first opened on a mobile device so your e-shot needs to be mobile-friendly.

A/B Testing – Sometimes called split testing, this involves comparing two email marketing campaigns to see which one performs better. The differences between each campaign are called A and B and doing this test allows you to get a clear idea about what your customer’s preferences are. You can test by subject line, name and content and once you’ve analysed the results you will be able to make all the necessary improvements for your next e-shot so that the next one performs event better.6893213_l

Archive previous e-shots – Another top tip is to make the archives of your previous e-shot public. You can place all your email campaigns online so that users can find what they are looking for and get informed about offers and events. By making this into a file you can give users an idea of what kind of e-shot or newsletter they are going to receive.

So if you want to get your brand and business out there, you should consider email marketing because it is a cost effective tool with a lot to offer. It is a measurable, shareable, and targeted easy to handle. And with an approach strategy as detailed above, your email marketing campaign will certainly benefit your business.

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