Are you feeling the Monday Blues?

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Our favourite time of the year is coming up. Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year; it is seen as a special day, for those who focus on doing good for one another. This doesn’t mean buying presents for people; it’s acts of kindness.
Blue Monday crops up on the 3rd Monday of January every year, so this year it will take place on Monday 18 January.
This day is a time for people to give and not receive, some need cheering up from the dim, dark days, post-Christmas, back-to-work and school month of January. Oh and obviously it has to be a Monday!

It has been suggested that the thought of ‘Blue Monday’ was based on junk science which was drummed up by a travel company as a clever trick to have us booking holidays to sunny climates. It was thought that the date was picked out by psychologist Cliff Arnall, after he came up with a scientific formula based on the length of time until next Christmas, holiday debt and the likelihood of giving up on New Year resolutions.

Mr Arnall wrote about ‘Blue Monday’ seven years ago within a press release for Sky Travel, this is now a defunct British TV channel. He based the theory on the ‘hibernation’ effect, the time of year when people feel tired, don’t exercise, stay inside and eat comfort food. He previously stated “It is the combination of factors that make life right now particularly uncertain”.

Blue Monday is about giving and benefiting others, it is a fantastic opportunity to carry out voluntary work to entertaining and creative activities. As long as the occasion is safe and doesn’t put others to harm, danger or upset, then you are good to go!
Some top tips if January is getting you down:
• Plan a holiday or day out, something that you will look forward to and gain many happy memories from it
• Get as much fresh air as possible, going for walks clears your mind and you gain exercise
• Meditation with deep breathing allows you to be connected and take you out of a low mood
• Take some ‘me’ time, do something you like doing on your own
Researchers have announced the happiest days of the year are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, followed by New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the ‘first sunny weekend of the year’
So, what are you planning to do for others or yourself?

Written by: Jordan Dalziel

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