Why you should NOT redesign your website every couple of years

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You know how it goes – you think that your website has become stale and hasn’t had a face-lift in a while. It may be a couple of years since the overall look was altered or it may be even longer.

creative web designSure, some new content is being added now and then but does the banner still look good? Do you want people who enter your website to be greeted with a fresh, new, even contemporary look? Are you just bored with your website and some random internal clock is telling you that it’s time for a change?

Many companies and organisations – especially those who specialise in online business – would be nodding their heads vigorously to most of the above questions. Websites should never be allowed to go stale, they will say, they must be given a kick up the virtual backside on a regular basis, otherwise anyone visiting the site will not think that the business has progressed in any way.

Okay. But that is assuming that your website attracts the same visitors over and over again, regular visitors who start to notice that the look and feel haven’t changed in a while. The reality is that most websites are seen by many more new visitors than repeat visitors, so whether it has changed is not really so important.

Of course, you want to be responsive to whatever new technology is available in terms of web design – for example, making sure your website meets the demand for being mobile-friendly – but don’t be tempted to rip the whole thing up and start again. And certainly don’t be tempted to do this every two years simply because you feel that should be the rule. Web sites do need to be continually updated but completely redesigning everything is not only extremely time-consuming but costly as well, whether you do it in-house or ask an external agency to do it.

The best approach is to make sure that you tidy up your site – tweak it, if you like – as and when you feel something needs to change. It’s an accepted fact now that for websites in the 21st century content is king. The Google behemoth has finally stirred and realised that what website visitors want is quality content that grabs and holds their attention and not just a bunch of keywords feeding their most basic needs.interactive

Keep this content up to date and Google will love you, so this is where your energies need to be focused. Having a person or persons whose responsibility is to keep your site’s content new and exciting is absolutely crucial. Their goal should be to update what is IN your website, not what it looks like. The overall aim should be for visitors to be wowed by what they find on your site, not by its whizzy graphics.

There are some personal benefits to this approach as well. These days there are such people as internet psychologists and Graham Jones is one. He describes himself as “a psychologist who specialises in internet use and behaviour”. We like Graham here at Changeworks because his views often reflect our own. We have no affiliation with him but it is only courteous for us to acknowledge specialists and experts when discussing the key issues of the day.

Graham’s concerns from a psychological point of view are that making big changes in your life can be extremely stressful and are not always required – and the same applies to your website. His argument is that continually improving your environment – online or otherwise – is a far more positive and rewarding experience than turning everything upside down at random intervals. And with your website the people who benefit are not just yourself and the people who work on your site but also those who visit – and that can only be a good thing.


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