Team Away Days Improve Our PR Knowledge

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PR Escape Room

Team away days have helped us to improve our PR knowledge.

Getting your businesses’ employees out of their working environment is a powerful and proven way to help communication and make connections in the workplace.

As a company it’s only right that we have some fun. Over the past year we have attended days and evenings out at team building events. Our time out of the office is focussed primarily on communication and working together as a team.

To maintain momentum, we recently visited the Escape Rooms in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, where we were given 60 minutes to solve a series of puzzles in a bid for freedom from a locked room.  PR Knowledge

Whilst it was all fun and games, as a group we have learnt some very valuable PR lessons from the puzzling adventure.

Teamwork is necessary – Escape rooms are one of the top activities for companies that are looking for creative and fun exercises. These rooms are located all over the world and they all require people to work in a group to discover clues, solve problems and consider possible routes to escape. This has taught us the importance of working together and communicating to accomplish a common goal. We are much more likely to perform well when we work effectively together. Good teamwork creates a great atmosphere and better communication – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

The path to success isn’t easy – It isn’t normal for participants to break out within 5 minutes – dead ends, misunderstood clues and tough decisions are all part of the process. The Prison Break room taught us that there is no direct path to success – it made us realise we needed to make our way through a series of setbacks and downfalls before we could gain freedom and success.

It gets your brain thinking – Each escape room is laid out differently but have similar approaches to finding your way out. This got us to employ our critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a timely manner. Not only did we experience a fast paced environment, but it helped our brains to think quickly and appropriately.PR away day

It’s ok to ask for help – We all need help from time to time, the escape rooms are no different. You always have a member of the escape team supervising for health and safety reasons; the experience allows you to ask for hints during the course, our overseer gave us hints when we were close to escaping as they could see we were struggling at times. There was no shame in accepting the help.

Work hard and get rewarded – We may not have escaped – but after a full-packed hour of analytical thinking, communicating and tackling puzzles we came out feeling rewarded because we worked as a team.  Better luck next time – we learnt you just have to keep trying to succeed – there are many possible ways to accomplish our dreams!

As you can see, participating in an escape room can be a major learning experience. We sure have learnt valuable lessons and had fun! There are many ways that getting out the office can inspire our PR efforts and the Escape Room certainly helped us look at the way we work.  The outing certainly is evidence to team building, creative thinking and hard work. To find out how we apply these principles to our work for clients please contact us on 01785 247588 or click here.