Have you seen the new LinkedIn updates?

By 2017-01-04 News No Comments

linkedinLinkedIn has now made it simpler to search and interact with new connections, draft and schedule posts and navigate the site with new icons. It is starting to look more like the mobile app and we are loving it!

It is now easier to explore the homepage; your profile will now look cleaner and clearly set out.

There is a difference in the content sharing section, where you now have the option to share an article, photo or update. Or you can just simply create an article, which used to be the publishing of a long-form post.

The biggest change is the way you search, the new user interface doesn’t have the advanced options anymore so you can’t filter by name, title or location. But you can now search by the level of connections, locations, companies, industries, profile language and schools. Most of the free search options are no longer available but with the premium options ‘Sales Solutions’ Sales Navigator’ allows saved and advanced searches, and tagging.

Notifications now have their own section in the new user interface, which makes it much easier to view interactions and respond to connections. You can view work anniversaries, people in your network who have published an article or who have been mentioned in the news.

As a lot has changed over the years of social media, more people have been using mobile apps. But as more companies are joining the platform LinkedIn has seen an advantage and wants their users to have experience both the mobile app and the desktop browser.

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