How to repurpose your existing content

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Creating meaningful and relevant content – wherever it may be used – is valuable for any business wanting to succeed. Incorporating repurposed content into your overall strategy is often overlooked, but a valuable approach in the business world.

“More than half of B2B marketers are concerned with finding better ways to repurpose content, while simultaneously reporting lack of time to create content as a top concern” – Content Marketing Institute.

Your strongest pieces of content could come from blog posts, press releases or e-newsletters; these can continue to have an impact in terms of results from your audience. As for existing content that may not have generated much reaction, audience expectations could improve if the content was published in other ways or at different times.

Below are our top tips on repurposing your content:

Give your SEO a transformation – Start adding relevant keywords that relate to the content you are writing about. It isn’t always about getting anyone to read the content, but about getting the right kind of audience to read that specific post. If you repurpose your work on other sites, such as social media, you are positioning yourself to receive quality back links to your site.

Play around with graphics – Depending on the site you are publishing on, there are many ways to repurpose your content. For example, if you have a page on your website full of statistics, create an infographic on it that is visually appealing to your audience. Remember – a picture is worth a thousand words. Also, remembering to stick to your corporate guidelines is important – If you do this, and show off your company logo, the audience you attract will be more likely to remember you.

Improve your audience – You already have your target audience in place, but you want to drive more traffic to your website, for those who may not think they are interested in your company but they are interested in the content you produce. Give them top tips into the real life world, which they can relate to. Publishing content on the same topic in multiple places is a way to raise your profile – in addition to the obvious traffic benefits to having more content in more places.

Report your content – This can be an effective way to extend the life of the work you produce – For example if you have written a blog post, share it on Twitter once a week for the next month, use different pictures, words and hash tags with the same link; using these different methods may attract people in different ways – (and use trending hash tags to appeal to wider audiences around the world).

If you get into the habit of repurposing your content on a regular basis, this will raise your company profile and increase engagement from your audience. To learn more about repurposing your existing content, contact Changeworks through this link or call 01785 247588.