The PRCA is Seeking to Change its Name

By 2016-06-01 News No Comments

prca-logoThe PRCA is seeking the views of its members and non-members into changing the name, which it has held since 1969.

The PRCA is no longer limited to ‘consultants’, but has members across the entire breadth of the PR industry. As the dividing lines between practice have blurred over the years, many within the industry no longer term themselves as offering pure PR.

The PRCA emphasises that the board is open minded about changing the name and it is open to the widest possible range of industry respondents. It is possible that having weighed the balance of responses, there won’t be a change – the decision will lie with industry.

Should they change their name? If so what would you change it to?

The consultation closes at 5pm on 17 June. The results will be presented to the PRCA PR Council on 22 June and published the next day. The PRCA said it intended to announce its decision on 28 July, following a board meeting.