Behavioural Change and Training

Changeworks has qualified experienced people in psychology and other therapies that can support organisational change and boost understanding in buyer or audience behaviour.

Corporate employee care and wellbeing programmes can support work attendance and productivity as well as sustain people through organisational change.

  • Corporate Wellbeing Programmes – in-house courses and classes as well as online programmes for employee wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. We also offer psychotherapy as EAP programmes.
  • Transformational Coaching – Our programme is about helping individual to embody a deep ‘felt sense’ of change so that they can connect to themself and purpose in life on an appropriate level. We help to utilise significant life experiences – both positive and negative – to transform and create a very different and positive future.
  • Emotional Wellbeing Programme is an 8 week course, consisting of weekly 1.5 hour sessions combining psychoeducation with yoga therapy. These can be provided as a corporate benefit to employees.
  • Stress to Resilience – We turn stress management on its head with our 1 day ‘Mental Toughness’ course and our 2 day ‘Stress to Resilience’ course. Mental Toughness is a quality which determines how an individual manages stress and is a key factor in enabling individuals to maximise their health and wellbeing.