New Ways To Promote Your Business In 2018

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We always check out the predicted trends affecting our business at this time of year. Our immediate focus is looking ahead to what’s around the corner for public relations next year because this seems to be the big issue right across the globe.

Fake news, artificial intelligence and the dark side to everything digital are making the headlines week after week, day after day.

So, our advice, after analysing the expected threats and opportunities in 2018, is straight forward and, hopefully, easy to digest:

Our top seven tips

  1. Remember that national news institutions are losing respect, rightly or wrongly. Everyone is being held to account
  2. Know which news platforms you trust and beware of ‘fake news’
  3. Build your own credibility as a business using information that you can verify and account for personally
  4. Earn your publicity and customer loyalty – don’t just buy it
  5. Get noticed in the new media arena but stay safe
  6. Build trusted relationships with everyone you do business with
  7. Learn the benefits of AI, artificial intelligence – data science can transform your business

In terms of traditional PR, the question is which tools still hold value. Press releases are old hat but they have morphed into digital content with embedded graphics, images and videos.

Video story telling is still the tried and tested way to promote your business and is something you should definitely be into by now. If not, make it one of your New Year’s resolutions. It will pay off and doesn’t require a major dollop of cash.Promote

A last few words about chatbots if you really want to do a bit of future-gazing. Basically, a chatbot is a piece of software that you can turn into your virtual PA. At the moment, people are using them more for entertainment but they will become main stream in business over the next few years.

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