It’s never too late to experience something new

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Here at Changeworks Communications we were delighted to see a small news item relating to a major event in the life of an extremely influential person who has literally changed – and even saved – over 100,000 lives.


Dr Henry Heimlich (yes, the man who invented the Heimlich manoeuvre in 1974) is 96 years old and living in a care home in America. The other day he spotted that a fellow resident of the home was choking on a burger. Without hesitation, Dr Heimlich put his arms around the 87-year-old woman and squeezed her abdomen three times. Happily, the tried and trusted technique worked and the offending piece of meat was no longer stuck in the woman’s throat. Crisis over.

What particularly warmed our hearts here at Changeworks was the quote from Dr Heimlich after the event. Apparently, he had never tried the technique himself but when asked what it felt like to use the manoeuvre he said it felt “wonderful” – or possibly “wunderbar”.

Proof if ever it were needed that there is always a surprise waiting for you, no matter how knowledgeable you are or what experiences you have had in making the world a better (and even a safer) place.

Many companies find themselves in the same situation. They have been operating for years and have had business success after business success and the strong temptation is to live off their past glories and hope that the status quo continues to sustain them.

However, nothing in business – or in life – is guaranteed and customers can disappear far more easily than they appear, whatever the reason may be. So it is important that your company stays ahead of the game, is always one step in front of the competition and never rests on its laurels. Bigger companies than yours have gone out of business simply by thinking that they had achieved their goals and there were no more surprises around the corner.

There are always surprises and, in the style of Dr Heimlich, the goal is to make them pleasant ones. So that means planning your marketing strategy, deciding how much visibility you want your company to have and in which sectors, and having a forward-thinking plan that signposts your business’s direction for the next five to 10 years.

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If you want help with that strategy, contact us here at Changeworks on 01785 247588 and we can show you how you can use your expertise to positive effect, expertise that you have possibly taken for granted because that is your area of speciality. However, your potential (and existing) customers need to be told (and reminded) about what you do, how you do it and why they need you to do it for them over and over again.

Like Dr Heimlich, never think that there is nothing new to be achieved or experienced – use marketing and PR to broaden your current markets and unlock a whole host of future possibilities.