Make your first impressions count

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Making your first impressions count is one of the most important qualities in the business world, especially in Public Relations. As well as looking smart and impressing your clients with terrific work, it is vital you present your personality well.

Studies have shown that many employers make a decision about a candidate within the first 30 seconds of a meeting, so what’s not to say that new PR clients won’t be the same?

At Changeworks it is imperative that new employees are taught how to make a good first impression. This year we expanded the team, with an apprentice and a new client services executive. It was important that they were introduced to clients with professionalism and eager to learn the industry.first impressions

With every new encounter, people are evaluated pretty much straight away. These first impressions can be almost impossible to undo, making those first encounters tremendously important, as it sets the tone for all new relationships to follow.
If you are new to PR or want to expand your knowledge on the subject, then please read our top tips on how you can make a good first impression.

  • Be on time to meetings – Someone you are meeting for the first time or don’t have a great relationship with is not interested in excuses for running late. You should plan to arrive at least 5 minutes early. Arriving early is hands down better than arriving late, and is the first step to creating a good first impression.
  • Turn off your phone – Some may already be familiar with this point, but if you aren’t then turning your mobile phone off is key. This may sound very basic, but if you have made an appointment to meet someone then your time should be focused on them and not be distracted by other business calls.
  • Stay positive – Your attitude will show through in everything you do. Show you have a positive attitude, even if you’re in a negative situation or feeling nervous.
  • Be interested in the person you’re meeting – When you first meet someone it is important to learn about who they are. Approaching someone for the first time with a genuine interest in them shows you are eager to learn about them and where they are from – this then leads to more fascinating conversation and lasting connections.
  • Watch your body language – Your body language speaks for itself. It shows you are confident about yourself and the role you undertake, as well as showing off your personality. Smiling is the winning ticket of a good first impression, as is a firm handshake and powerful eye contact. Be proud of who you are!

So, whether you are starting a new career or meeting a new client it is important to make your first impressions count.

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