What The Great British Bake Off Has Taught Us About PR

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Wednesday nights sure have become more exciting with the Great British Bake Off returning to our screens. The ‘Bake Off’ showcases groups of extremely talented men and women who dedicate hours of their time to push themselves to be the ultimate star; watching the show has inspired us and we have definitely learnt a few lessons from watching the show.

The past few weeks sure have been chaotic with the show moving to Channel 4 and Mary Berry leaving, she has definitely been a delight to watch over the years.  

The BAFTA award-winning programme has struck many similarities between baking and the world of PR.  Below are the lessons we were taught from the show:

Plan your time – Like baking, PR professionals organise their time. Writing down everything you need to do clears your mind and enables you to get on with the work you have a deadline for. This preparation will help you to increase productivity throughout the working day.

Helping others out – When we have watched the Bake Off in the past, it is great to see how supportive the contestants are to each other. They may be in competition but some find ways to help each other in times of a crisis. We all have tasks to complete but good teamwork creates a great atmosphere and better communication.

Creativity is an essential – Paul Hollywood has certainly encouraged us to push our creative skills. Creativity and innovation within

well-run companies have always been recognised to the path of success. You need to be encouraged to think outside of the box and give resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas – this is the key to successful PR campaigns.  

Keep your objectives in mind – On the show, contestants are reminded of the rules and regulations of the competition. Many of our clients would agree that going the extra mile is a bonus and it exceeds their expectations. However, they can be irritated when we fail to complete their original request. Before investing in client time, we need to ask ourselves if it will help the business achieve the goals set out. We aim to add value to the work we produce, but it is important not to lose sight of the first objective.

There are many ways that popular culture can inspire our PR efforts and the Bake Off certainly has helped us to look at the way we work. The show’s success to date is testament to creative thinking, preparation and hard work. To find out how we apply those same principles to our work for clients please contact us on 01785 247588 or click here