Get to know your audience

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Your audience is everything to your business. These are the people you are trying to communicate with, help solve problems for and educate.

Many managing directors fail to train their customer service representatives properly. The best customer service employees need to work to get to know their audience in a way that goes deeper than simple facts and figures.

Train your team – Sales training is important, but you must also teach the skills of customer service. Listen to what your clients want and determine how you will apply your messages and marketing strategies to them. Make sure your team is aware of your customers and how to interact with them through various channels.

Contact your customers – This process should begin with approaching your current customers. Calling them and asking them how they’re doing is key to build your reputation.

Engage via social media – It is important to know who your target audience is, most of your customers are available via social media channels and this is the place to communicate with them.