Is the economy expanding or approaching a recession in the PR World?

By 2016-06-14 News No Comments

expanding-worldWhether the economy is expanding or approaching a recession, a company’s PR budget is often the first to take the hit. Some management teams consider PR to be unnecessary. However, more and more businesses understand that investing in PR is a wise way to continuously accentuate the positive.

A PR guru once suggested that public relations is a lot like fishing: One can arrive at the water early on a beautiful clear day with the right bait and still not get any bites. But that attitude is no longer valid in our 24-hour news culture. A proactive PR strategy will root out inventive ways to get your company in the news and keep it there, whether that means yoking your story to trends and current events, positioning your CEO and executive leadership as expert spokespersons or using holidays and seasonal occasions as news pegs.

PR traditionally receives a bad reputation. Displeased companies might complain about shelling out high fees and seeing few results. And, as in many businesses, there are sharks in these waters. However, instead of a disreputable dark art, PR has become an integral part of any winning media-age business strategy.

At Changeworks we implement clear, bold and transparent PR strategy, so you can enjoy the thrill of seeing your company in print and on the air.

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