Developing B2B PR potential to Influence and Change

By 2016-06-02 News No Comments

821133_lThe field of internal communication is a rich one to write about because of its potential to influence and change. But that’s not to detract from the vitally important job of communicating to external stakeholders. Effective B2B public relations requires thought, planning and imagination.

Research shows that journalists turn first to the internet for all things press and media for their clients. After all most media types are going to be genĀ X-rs or gen Y-rs. They are online, wired, actively seek technological interaction and are becoming seamlessly connected through technology.

Clients are often not doing enough to meet the communication needs of the press and media. They think that a list of latest press releases posted on their customer facing site is enough. But they are missing a trick, or twenty, and not getting a fair share of voice.

We recently conducted some informal research with journalists, specifically in the B2B sector (though the same will apply to B2C) and they pleaded with us to have more press resources online.

This is part of our vision to take B2B PR into the 21st century and to continue to drive value for clients. Find out more about our servicesĀ here