Changeworks’ Top 10 Milestones in 2007

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Changeworks’ shares its Top 10 Milestones from 2007!

2017 is the year Changeworks Communications celebrates its 10th anniversary of operation. To continue the celebrations we are looking back at the past 10 years to when the company first set up.

The ‘phone that changed ‘phones forever, futuristic cars, a building made of water, social media platforms – 2007 witnessed a growing display of technology.

10year newsletterThat year was seen as the single greatest technological reflection point since the printing press was invented by the German Johannes Gutenberg. As we continue to celebrate our 10th birthday we are going to share our top 10 biggest milestones we think deserve a shout out from 2007.

  1. We saw the launch of the iPhone, the first smartphone model designed and marketed by Apple. The first generation of iPhone was announced on the 9th January 2007 after years of speculation and rumours.
  2. Late in 2007 we saw Facebook grow globally, bringing its site to 100 million users. The social networking site also had 100,000 business pages, allowing companies to attract potential customers and speak about themselves.
  3. Also going public globally was Apache Hadoop, an open-source software framework used for distributing storage and processing of very large data.
  4. Google also continued its growth when it bought YouTube for a massive $1.65 billion. Private individuals and large production companies have proved that the platform is a successful way to grow audiences.
  5. The Google ‘phone was invented to be a mobile platform not a ‘phone optimised for running apps. Android was the first truly open and comprehensive platform for mobile devices.
  6. The original Kindle was launched and was immensely popular, selling out within hours. It has a 6-inch screen and 250MB of memory, which originally sold for £400. We must say, we loved it!
  7. Microsoft invented a way to read data straight from a user’s brain as he or she works away. They were planning to use electroencephalography (EEG) to record electric signals with the
  8. The hashtag (#), proposed by user Chris Messina, debuts on Twitter.
  9. After the rise of the iPhone, Apple introduced another magnificent creation – the iPod Touch; exactly the same as the iPhone, but it couldn’t call or message other people (until Face Time was introduced).
  10. Our favourite was the growth of websites of major newspapers because it started to draw a larger, younger and more affluent readership. The audience that reads a newspaper’s website but not its print version accounts for 2-15%, and that represents hundreds of thousands of readers for many newspapers in larger markets.

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