What the 2016 Olympics Have Taught Us about Marketing

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With the 2016 Olympics well underway, we are recognising the similarities they have with marketing. Rio was chosen to be the summer Olympic host in 2009 which has been talked about ever since and we sure are being inspired by the sporting events.

Interest in the games continues to grow right up until the opening ceremony, during and after. Like the Olympics, marketing aims to raise anticipation by building a fan base and loyal customers who support the work we do.

Here’s a summary of what the seasonal games have taught us about our marketing efforts.

You Must Have Realistic Goals – Athletes are like marketing specialists; we constantly strive for the golden prize, in our case it’s satisfied customers and new clients coming on board.CW has your back

  • Goals provide a form of direction
  • Goals give us something to work towards
  • Goals help us decide what we want to achieve from the situation
  • Goals help to push the business limits

You are never too old or too young to achieve your goals. The youngest competitor in the Olympic Games this year is only 13 and the oldest is 61! Keep focused and have determination and you can succeed at anything you put your mind to.

Promoting on Social Media – Olympics fans love the competition and the success it brings to their country; social media draws their attention to the success stories and the daily news. For marketing professionals, social media makes it easy to improve awareness of their business. We effectively establish our business’s personality and give it a human voice people can relate to. Connecting on an emotional level is an effective way to help us stand out from competitors.

Working as a Team – We all know Team GB works together to build their success, which is what we do at Changeworks. We are much more likely to perform well when we work effectively together. Good teamwork creates a great atmosphere and better communication – where the combined effect of the team is greater than the sum of individual efforts.

Embracing the Competition – Strong competitors help the sporting pros to grow by observing what they do and how they are victorious. Believe it or not, healthy rivalry within Changeworks challenges our team to work smarter with the resources we have. We leverage each team member’s talents and build a business that no-one wants to challenge.

There are many ways to increase awareness of your marketing efforts and the Olympic Games; make the most of your content through marketing automation. Do this by using apps, Snapchat filters and borders, emojis, and by joining chats and groups and producing videos.

With the incredible achievement of Great Britain, at the Rio Olympics, marketing organisations like ours are encouraged to work as a stronger team and communicate effectively with one another. To learn more about the 2016 Olympics and marketing, please contact us on 01785 247588 or click here.