2015 is a Myth

By 2016-07-05 News No Comments

Social media stats2015 feels like a long time ago now, especially with the growth of social media. We have seen an increase in visuals, the growth of Snapchat, and Twitter changing from favourites to likes. There are now 2 billion active social media users worldwide, which is growing by 25% each year. You want to get geared up and be ready for the rise in 2017. Start planning for the rest of the year and you will be more focused in the new year.

Create a social media calender – Get ready to be organised by planning early. Start scheduling in special events of draft the posts ready for your campaign. At Changeworks we love using CoSchedule and Sprout Social.

Invest in new platforms – With the development of Snapchat, you should definitely try it. It’s not a platform to boost sales as such, but for the younger audience you could definitely grow more of a following. Posting pictures and videos of the office environment and events you are attending give your audiece an insight into the back end of the business.

Use visual aids – Social media is primarily visual; take the time to create infographics, picture graphics and video to increase engagement with your audience.